Rev. Thomas/1 Carter

M, #10431, (circa 1610 - 5 September 1684)
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Children with Mary/2 Parkhurst:

  • Rev. Samuel/2 Carter+12 b. 8 Aug 1640, d. before 30 Oct 1693
  • Judith/2 Carter13,14 b. 15 Mar 1642, d. 1676
  • Theophilus/2 Carter15 b. 12 Jun 1645, d. 15 Feb 1649/50
  • Mary/2 Carter16 b. 24 Jul 1648, d. 1688
  • Abigail/2 Carter17 b. 10 Jan 1649/50
  • Deborah/2 Carter18 b. 17 Sep 1651, d. 14 Dec 1667
  • Timothy/2 Carter19 b. 12 Jun 1653, d. 8 Jul 1727
  • Thomas/2 Carter20 b. 8 Jun 1655
Rev. Thomas/1 Carter was born circa 1610 at Hinderclay, Suffolk.1 He "came from Hertfordshire, England, in 1635, in the Planter, having received his degrees at St. John's College in 1629 and 1633."2 "Between 1637 and 1642, Mr. Thomas Carter and Mr. Henry Greene settled in Watertown, and received grants of land. In the lists of possessions, they are both styled Elders. Mr. Carter was an officer of Watertown Church, and, as an Elder, with Elder Edward How, signed the dismissal of members to Dedham Church."3 Thomas Carter was ordained Woburn's first minister 2 Dec 1642.4
     He married, 1638, Mary/2 Parkhurst, daughter of George/1 Parkhurst and Phebe/1 Leete.1
     "For the first pastor of this church, Rev. Thomas Carter, the town built a dwelling house at their own cost, and presented it to him at his settlement, as a gift. They also made him considerable grants of land soon after his settlement, and in all subsequent general distributions of the public lands, they allowed him his full proportion with the other inhabitants who were proprietors. The salary they originally agreed to give him, viz: £80, was a very liberal one for that day; and in his old age they enlarged it by an annual donation of twenty cords of wood. And when at length his increased infirmities made the aid of a colleague necessary, they did not turn him adrift upon the world, as some towns have done by their ministers, worn out in their service, in modern times, neither did they put him off with a meagre, insufficient compensation, as has been the practice in many instances since, but they adjusted with him the question of his salary for the time to come, entirely to his own satisfaction; and when he deceased, they discovered their affectionate regard for the dead by their continued kindness to the living, his surviving widow."5
     The will of Henry Brooks of Woburn, dated 18 Jul 1682, left 20 shillings apiece to his "Rev. pastors, Mr. Thomas Carter and Mr. Jabez Fox."6,7,8 Thomas Carter died at Woburn 5 Sep 1684.9 His widow died there 28 Mar 1687.10 Charges for his 1684 funeral amounted to £4.19.06, including fourteen gallons of wine at 3s.6d. per gallon.11

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John/2 Kendall

M, #10432, (2 July 1646 - 1732)
Father*Francis/1 Kendall1 b. c 1620, d. 1708
Mother*Mary/2 Tidd1 b. s 1625, d. 1705
Appears on charts:Descendants of Henry/1w Brooks
Descendants of John/2w Brooks
Descendants of Eunice/3w Brooks
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Children with Hannah Bartlett:

  • Mary/3 Kendall8 b. 1 Sep 1671
  • Lydia/3 Kendall9 b. 23 Apr 1674
  • Francis/3 Kendall10 b. 4 Dec 1678, d. say Jan 1679

Children with Elizabeth Comey:

  • Francis/3 Kendall10 b. 11 Apr 1682
  • John/3 Kendall10 b. 7 Oct 1684
  • David/3 Kendall11 b. 14 Nov 1686
  • Elizabeth/3 Kendall12 b. 23 Feb 1689
  • Jonathan/3 Kendall13 b. 28 Nov 1690
  • Rebecca/3 Kendall14 b. 22 Mar 1693
  • Nathaniel/3 Kendall15 b. 27 Feb 1695, d. Apr 1776
  • Hannah/3 Kendall16 b. 8 Jul 1699
John/2 Kendall, born 2 Jul 1646 at Woburn, Massachusetts,1, married (1), 29 Jan 1668, Hannah Bartlett, daughter of Thomas Bartlett, with whom he had 3 children.2 Admitted a freeman of Woburn, 2 Oct 16783, there he married (2), 29 Mar 1681, Elizabeth Comey, with whom he had 8 children.4 She died at Woburn in Dec 17015, and he married (3), as her 3rd husband, 1704, Eunice/3w Brooks, daughter of John/2w Brooks and Eunice/2 Mousall, and widow of Rev. Samuel/2 Carter and Capt. James/1 Parker.6
     John Kendall was executor with his brother Thomas of his father's will, dated 9 May 1706, by which he received one-half of his "Corne-Mill, together with the right of the streams, damms, and utencels thereunto belonging."7 He is said to have died in 1732, but no record of his death is found at Woburn.6

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