Sarah/5w Fox

F, #10621, (say 1721/22 - )
Father*Benjamin/4w Fox1 b. btw 1680 - 1688, d. 1745/46
Mother*Naomi Rogers1 b. s 1690, d. 28 Oct 1725
Appears on charts:Descendants of Hannah/2w Brooks
Descendants of John/3w Fox
Descendants of Benjamin/4w Fox
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Children with Corp. Jedediah/3 Brockway:

  • Jonah/6w Brockway4 b. 16 Jan 1744
  • Gideon/6w Brockway5 b. 14 Sep 1746, d. 12 Dec 1749
  • Rachel/6w Brockway6 b. 14 Aug 1748, d. 13 Dec 1749
  • Rachel/6w Brockway7 b. 5 Mar 1750
  • Naomi/6w Brockway8 b. 5 May 1753
  • Lydia/6w Brockway9 b. 20 Apr 1755
  • Lucy/6w Brockway10 b. 5 Mar 1757
  • Gideon/6w Brockway11 b. 6 Apr 1759
Sarah/5w Fox was perhaps born about 1721 or 2. 15 Jun 1729, John Plumbe engaged at New London, Connecticut, for the education of an apprenticed child, daughter of Benjamin Fox, who was baptised Sarah.2 Of New London, she married, 3 Oct 1743 at Lyme, Corp. Jedediah/3 Brockway of Lyme, son of Richard/2 Brockway and Rachel (–?–).3 (Their siblings Abigail Brockway and Benjamin Fox also married.)

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David/3w Fox

M, #10625, (circa 1656 - )
Father*Thomas/1 Fox1 b. 14 Oct 1618, d. 14 Apr 1658
Mother*Hannah/2w Brooks1 b. s 1625, d. 1692
Appears on charts:Descendants of Henry/1w Brooks
Descendants of Hannah/2w Brooks
Descendants of David/3w Fox
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Child with Mary Hayward:

David/3w Fox was born circa 1656 at Concord, Massachusetts,(no record surviving).2,3 His name appears on the tax list at Woburn, 1677.4, where he married (1), 10 Jan 1678, Lydia/2 Jaquith, daughter of Abraham/1 Jaquith and Annis Jordan.5 He married (2), by 1694, Mary Hayward, daughter of Samuel Hayward, of Malden.6,4 He apparently served in the Phips expedition to Quebec in 1690, for in 1738 Eleazer Bateman (the same as above, or his son?), calling himself "a kinsman of David Fox" (they were 1st cousins once removed), was a claimant for Fox's rights.4

Local Notes:

Propertybetween 1692 and 1695, Charlestown, MAESTATE.—Tax abated Jan. 6, 1692 (per Selectmen's records). D.F., yeoman, sells E. Bateman, 15 acres, 1695, rec. 1724. To S. Green, 8½ acres in Malden, 1694, rec. 1699–1700.6

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Thomas/1 Fox

M, #10630, (14 October 1618 - 14 April 1658)
Father-Candidate*Thomas/a Fox1 b. s 1590
Mother-Candidate*Annis (–?–)1 b. s 1592
Appears on charts:Descendants of Henry/1w Brooks
Descendants of Hannah/2w Brooks
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Children with Rebecca (–?–):

Children with Hannah/2w Brooks:

Signature of Thomas ffoxe, dated 22 Aug 1653.
Thomas/1 Fox is probably the same son of Thomas/a Fox and Annis (?) who was baptised 14 Oct 1618 in St. Olave's church, Silver Street, London.2,3,4 He was a freeman of Concord, Massachusetts, Mar 1637/38, and a member of the church there in 1640.5,6
     He married (1), probably 1641, Rebecca (–?–), with whom he had 3 children, and who died at Concord 11 May 1647 (cf. footnote 7 below).78,9,10 Thomas Fox "hired the old herd-pen," Charlestown, 164311, and married (2), 13 Dec 1647 at Concord, Hannah/2w Brooks, daughter of Henry/1w Brooks and (–?–) (–?–), with whom he had 6 children.12,13
     He lived near the "Great Swamp" north of the church on the road to Billerica.14 Juror, 7 Oct 1651.15 5 Apr 1653, the court assigned Jeremiah Holman as servant to Thomas Fox for one year, for which Holman was to be paid £7, "and the Townsmen of Cambridge to order and improve the estate of Winifred Holman his mother."16 22 Aug 1653, Thomas ffoxe was one of a number of Concord signatories to an agreement to contribute an aggregate of £5 yearly to "the colledge at Cambridge," later Harvard College, for a term of seven years.17
     Whereas It hath been declared to this Court yt there was in house and land at Concord, to the vallue of twelve poundes, left in the handes of Moses Wheat & Thomas ffox, by Ambros Martin deceased, wch hath remained in their handes about nine or ten yeares,, the court ordered, 20 Apr 1654, that the outstanding balance of the estate be produced and equally divided between two heirs, with an added "forbearance" penalty of £4, to which the parties agreed.18 Trial juror, 7 Apr 1657.19
     Descendant Alicia Fox of Los Angeles writes that Thomas Fox's house was later purchased and attached to Bronson Alcott's Concord home, Orchard House, where it is "preserved forever as part of the 'Little Women' legacy."20
     25 Jan 1657/58, Thomas ffoxe of Concord made his will, and, though "feble & weake in body," signed it in his own hand, "his name appearing neat and legible." He named his wife Hannah executrix, leaving her control of his estate until his son Eliphalet shall reach the age of 21, at which time Eliphalet shall have two-thirds of the estate (his mother retaining one-third during her life) on condition of payment of £5 to each of his siblings. Daughter Elizabeth is the only other child identified by name. The testator names loving uncle (by marriage) Thomas Brooks, loving brethren Moses Wheate and Thomas Bateman (brothers-in-law), and loving friend and neighbor Robert Fletcher to be overseers.21
     Thomas Fox died at Concord 14 Apr 1658, a. 39.22 Capt. Thomas/1a Brooks returned his inventory the 23rd of the same month.23 On 25 Jun following his widow attested to the inventory, and Major Simon Willard was appointed "to take the testimonyes concerning the Will."24 Widow Hannah Fox removed with their children to New London, Connecticut, where she married (2), 1661, Andrew/1 Lester, and (3) Isaac/1 Willey, survived both, and died in 1692.25,26

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