Dea. Jonathan/5w Ayars

M, #11017, (14 February 1722 - 13 September 1782)
Father*Caleb/3 Ayars1 b. 5 Nov 1697, d. 7 Aug 1771
Mother*Patience/4w Brooks1 b. 7 Apr 1698, d. a 1739
Appears on charts:Some Descendants of Robert/1 Ayars
Descendants of Timothy/2w Brooks
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Descendants of Patience/4w Brooks
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Children with Phebe/5 Bowen:

  • Zerviah/6w Ayars7 b. 7 Feb 1747, d. 1799
  • Phebe/6w Ayars8 b. 16 May 1755, d. 15 Apr 1791
  • Rachel/6w Ayars b. 1769, d. 1839
Dea. Jonathan/5w Ayars, born 14 Feb 1722 at Bacon's Neck, New Jersey,1, married, 5 Mar 1746 at Shiloh, Phebe/5 Bowen, daughter of Dr. Elijah/4 Bowen and Sarah Watson, and his 2nd cousin.2
     Son Jonathan received 50 acres at the west end of plantation, where I live, joining on the north by his other land, and on the west by Bartholomew Hunt, and south by Ebenzer Howell, in his father's will, dated 1 Aug 1771. Jonathan and his brother Joseph were named executors.3
     Deacon, 19 Oct 1761. Ruling Elder, 19 Oct 1767. Member of Provincial Congress of New Jersey from Cumberland County, Oct 1775 and Jun 1776.1
     Jonathan Ayars, of Stow Creek, made his will 9 Apr 1775. To eldest son Caleb, land bounded by John Ayars, Ebenezer Howell, Bartholomew Hunt, James Mackferson, till within 12 rods of my old line, first given by my father, Caleb Ayars, and then bounded by Isaac Ayars and Jonathan Davis, to contain 70 acres; also part of the land I bought of Elijah Bowin, bounded by James Reeves, 30 acres; also 5 acres of meadow on Cohansey Creek; also half of my salt marsh in Statham's Neck; also half of that in Stow Creek. To son Jonathan, rest of my plantation that I bought of Elijah Bowin, and the other half of the 2 lots of salt marsh, and my 3-acre lot of drained meadow on Cohansey Creek. To my 6 daughters, £10 each. To wife Pheby, rest of estate, and use of lands given to son Jonathan till he is 21. That plantation in Salem Co. bought of Elias Robins, and now occupied by Ephraim Randolph, to be sold, and the money given to my daughters, Zerviah, Sarah, Pheby, Dorcas, Unis and Rachel, when they are 18.
     Executors: wife Pheby, son-in-law Joshua Ayars, Jonathan Davis. Witnesses: David Randolph, Nehemiah Bowen, Phillip Ayars. Proved 26 Sep 1782.
     25 Sep 1782. Inventory, £474.10.6, made by Ebenezer Howell and Ephraim Sheppard.4
     Jonathan died at Stow Creek 13 Sep 1782, a. 60;5 Phebe's death is unrecorded.2 They are buried in Shiloh Seventh Day Baptist Cemetery.6

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