Levi/2 Preston

M, #11102, (1662 - )
Father*Roger/1 Preston1 b. 1614, d. 1666
Mother*Martha (–?–)1
Appears on charts:Descendants of Henry/1w Brooks
Descendants of Timothy/2w Brooks
Descendants of Abigail/3w Brooks
Last Edited:19 Aug 2017

Child with Abigail/3w Brooks:

Levi/2 Preston, reportedly born in 16621, married, 16 Oct 1695 at Swansea, Massachusetts, Abigail/3w Brooks of Swansea, daughter of Capt. Timothy/2w Brooks and Mary Russell.2,3 Abigail "Press," "Liveing in West Jersey," was mentioned in the will of her brother John/3w Brooks of Swansea, 9 Apr 1713.4,5 There she died at Cohansey 24 Nov 1746 (g.s.)6
     "At Fairfield, now Fairton, in Cumberland Co., New Jersey, there was a settlement of New England and Long Island people as early as 1705. Most of the settlers were located at a section about two miles southeast of the Fairton post office at a village, which they termed, 'New England Cross Roads.' Here came Levi Preston with his wife, Abigail Brooks … about the year 1709."7

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