Philip/1 Alexander

M, #15266, (circa 1688 - 26 August 1758)
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Children with Joanna/4w Roberts:

  • Philip/5w Alexander2 b. 12 Dec 1711, d. 26 Aug 1758
  • Peter/5w Alexander4 b. 21 Aug 1714, d. 1771
  • David/5w Alexander7 b. 7 Sep 1716, d. 23 Oct 1773
  • Giles/5w Alexander8 b. 8 Sep 1718, d. 22 Feb 1723/24
  • Thomas/5w Alexander9 b. 6 Apr 1721, d. 10 Nov 1756
  • Giles/5w Alexander10 b. 23 Nov 1723, d. 7 Aug 1805
  • Richard/5w Alexander11 b. 23 Feb 1724/25, d. 7 Apr 1726
  • Joanna/5w Alexander12 b. 31 Jan 1726/27, d. 1754
  • Richard/5w Alexander13 b. 25 Nov 1729, d. 3 Sep 1810
  • John/5w Alexander14 b. 20 Jun 1732
  • Abraham/5w Alexander15 b. 8 Apr 1735, d. 1776
Philip/1 Alexander, born circa 1688, probably in Scotland or in Ulster.1, married, by 1711 at Charlestown, Massachusetts, Joanna/4w Roberts of Woburn, daughter of David/2 Roberts and Joanna/3w Brooks.2,3 They first lived at Charlestown, where Philip had 26 acres of land.4, then in 1716 moved to Woburn and sold the Charlestown property to Edward Bucknam.4 Philip was killed 26 Aug 1758 near Fort George, New York.5
     He was a weaver, as were several of his friends in Woburn, as well as his father-in-law David Roberts. Philip also farmed, owned beehives and sold honey. An educated man, he had books in English, Latin and Greek, and pewter dishes. In 1725 he was taxed 5s.11p. on his property.6
     He enlisted, 1758, for the Ticonderoga campaign, leaving Woburn early in June. After an overnight stop at his son David's house in Bolton, he proceeded to Fort Edward, just south of Lake George, New York. On 28 Jun he found Lt. Samuel Thompson, a close friend from Woburn, at Halfway Brook, just outside Fort Edward, where they joined Capt. Ebenezer Jones's company. This was the largest campaign yet seen in North America—2,200 men and cannon floated up Lake George on flat-bottomed barges. The army under the command of General Abercrombie attacked Fort Carillon (Ticonderoga) before the artillery was in place, and casualties were heavy on both sides. Many scalps were taken by the Indians. On July 8 alone, a total of 1,944 men were killed, wounded or missing, and soldiers and officers were buried in mass graves. Capt. Jones was killed on the 20th of July. Philip Alexander was killed on the 26th of August.6
     His estate included a 30-acre parcel with his house and barn, 7 acres west of his homestead, 8 acres of meadow at Step Rock, another 25 acres near Step Rock, and 12 acres of swampland at Wilmington in the Cranberry Bogs. His real estate was valued at £215-24-12, and his personal estate at £28-16. He grew corn, hay, rye and hops, and had horses, oxen, cattle and hogs.
     Giles Alexander was appointed administrator of his father's estate. Apparently there was disagreement on the distribution, as David and Abraham Alexander filed an appeal. The intestate probate opened in 1758 and was not completed until 1771 — 13 years later. Records show that the major portion of the estate was paid to the judge handling the probate.6

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