Alice/2h Brooks

F, #2029, (December 1668 - )
Father*Thomas/1h Brooks1,2 b. s 1622, d. 18 Oct 1668
Mother*Marah/2 Spencer1 b. c 1642, d. b 22 Dec 1714
Appears on charts:Descendants of Thomas/1h Brooks
Last Edited:3 Jun 2018
Alice/2h Brooks was born in Dec 1668 at Haddam, Connecticut.1 11 Apr 1670, distribution of the estate of her father Thomas Brooks included £14 for each of the three daughters. Alice's mother was to maintain and bring up the children, and teach the daughters to read and sew, and the son to read and write.1 The will of her grandfather Ens. Gerard Spencer, 17 Sep 1683, gave land to "Alice Brooks, the daughter of my daughter Brooks."3

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