Ebenezer/4w Brooks

M, #3212, (8 August 1691 - 1764)
Father*Ebenezer/3w Brooks1 b. 9 Dec 1666, d. b 1738
Mother*Martha Wilder1 b. s 1665
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Descendants of Ebenezer/4w Brooks Jr.
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Children with Sarah/3 Child:

  • Dau1/5w Brooks10 b. 1718
  • Dau2/5w Brooks10 b. 24 Jan 1719/20
  • John/5w Brooks11 b. 2 Apr 1721, d. after 11 Oct 1770
  • Elizabeth/5w Brooks12 b. 9 Jan 1722/23, d. 29 Jan 1722/23
  • Ebenezer/5w Brooks13 b. 9 Jan 1722/23, d. Jun 1776 or Jul 1776
  • Elizabeth/5w Brooks14 b. 27 Jun 1725
  • Zerviah/5w Brooks10,15 b. 28 Dec 1728
Ebenezer/4w Brooks Jr., born 8 Aug 1691 at Woburn, Massachusetts,1, removed with his parents, ca 1712, to Killingly, Connecticut, where, 2 Sep 1716, First Church minister Mr. Fisk baptised Ebenezer, Jabez, Eleazor, Martha, Eunice and Priscilla, children of Ebenezer Brooks.2,3 There he married, 14 Aug 1717 (int. 27 Jul, Woodstock), Sarah/3 Child of Woodstock, daughter of John/2 Child and Elizabeth Wales,4,5, and 7 children of this marriage, including twins, were recorded at Killingly.
     "About 1730, a road in Killingly built from Ebenezer Brooks' to Joseph Barret's."6 Of Killingly per deed, 1731.7 "Killingly, 1745, church members renewed their covenant, including Ebenezer Brooks."8 The death of an Ebenezer Brooks, 1764, probably the same, is recorded in First Church of Killingly records.9

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Ebenezer/4w Brooks

M, #3213, (1 June 1712 - 19 October 1789)
Father*Jabez/3w Brooks1 b. 17 Jul 1673, d. 30 Jan 1746/47
Mother*Hepsibah/3 Cutter1 b. 15 Aug 1671, d. 1 Jan 1745/46
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Children with Jemima/4 Locke:

  • Jemima/5w Brooks8 b. 29 Aug 1737, d. 11 Sep 1817
  • Hepsibah/5w Brooks9 b. 15 Jan 1739, d. 11 Mar 1813
  • Sally/5w Brooks10 b. 9 Dec 1740, d. 14 Sep 1828
  • Pvt. Ebenezer/5w Brooks11 b. 15 Sep 1742, d. 13 Jun 1821
  • Molly/5w Brooks12 b. 29 Aug 1744
  • William/5w Brooks13 b. 5 Apr 1745, d. before 13 Feb 1777
  • Sarah/5w Brooks14 b. 6 Apr 1748, d. 7 Feb 1801
  • Jonas/5w Brooks15 b. 6 May 1750, d. 20 Dec 1786
  • Abigail/5w Brooks16 b. 2 Jun 1752
  • Jabez/5w Brooks17 b. 8 May 1755, d. between 1778 and 1780
  • Mary/5w Brooks18 b. 14 Nov 1758, d. Dec 1838
  • Ruhamah/5w Brooks19 b. 4 Mar 1761, d. Sep 1833
  • Betty/5w Brooks20 b. 8 Mar 1766, d. 14 Oct 1789
Ebenezer/4w Brooks was born 1 Jun 1712 at Woburn, Massachusetts,1, where he married (1), 28 Oct 1736, Jemima/4 Locke of Woburn, daughter of William/3 Locke and Jemima/3 Russell, with whom he had 13 children.2
     Ebenezer's wife Jemima died at Woburn 5 Nov 1774.3, and he married (2) (int. 16 Nov 1776, Cambridge), her cousin Elizabeth Locke of Cambridge, daughter of Francis Locke, and widow of Zachariah Symmes.4,5 "It is related of this family that the chil. of three different marriages resided under one roof in the most perfect harmony; viz. the chil. of Mr. Brooks, by his first wf. and the chil. of Mr. Symmes by both his wives."5 "He was a housewright, and Nov. 18, 1783, he sold to James Locke, of Woburn, all his 'estate both real and personal in Wob.5'"
     Ebenezer's death is not of record at Woburn. The Sterling (Massachusetts) Historical Society writes, July 2004, "Information listed that Ebenezer Brooks, Sr., died Oct. 19, 1789 Æ 86 from consumption. Not verified." If this be the same individual, his age at death has been augmented by 8-9 years.5
     The Boston Daily Globe, 16 Aug 1883, under the headline, "Product of a Local Silver Mine Worked More than a Century Ago," reported the following.
     Mr. S. Holden has in his possession twelve silver sleeve buttons. The ore from which they were made was taken from a silver mine opened in Woburn by Ebenezer Brooks in 1759. The buttons have stamped on them the name of Mr. Brooks and the above date. These buttons, and silver enough to make knee and shoe buckles, was got out, and as the tradition says, a barrel of rum was horsed up and the mine worked as long as the rum lasted. Quite a number of years ago some people in Medford came to Woburn and got permission from the owners of the land to work the old mine, but so little silver was found that the work was abandoned.
     The S. Holden mentioned was likely Stoughton Brooks/8w Holden (b. 1828), Ebenezer's great-great-grandson.6

Local Notes:

Property16 Jan 1739/40, Woburn, MAJabez Brooks, of Woburn, husbandman, "in consideration of love, good will, and affection....towards my loving wife, Hepsibeth Brooks," conveys certain household articles and wearing apparel, one large Bible, one silver spoon, a large cupboard, and all "my linen," and a bond due to her from "my son," Ebenezer Brooks.
     On the same date, Jabez Brooks, in a similar conveyance, mentions his sons, Nathaniel Brooks, husbandman, Samuel Brooks, husbandman, John Brooks and Ebenezer Brooks, housewrights, and Benjamin Brooks, husbandman, all of Woburn, to whom he conveys his right in a "way leading from the country road between my house and Mr. Belknap's house to the Richardson Row, to lie for an open road," etc.7

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Marah/2 Spencer

F, #3218, (circa 1642 - before 22 December 1714)
Father*Ens. Gerard/1 Spencer1 b. 25 Apr 1614, d. 3 Sep 1685
Mother*Hannah Hills1 b. s 1618, d. b 1683
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Children with Thomas/1h Brooks:

Children with Thomas Shaylor:

  • Capt. Thomas Shaylor7 b. 2 Dec 1670, d. 4 Jun 1753
  • Abel Shaylor8 b. 14 Jun 1672, d. 1774
  • Timothy Shaylor9 b. circa 1675
  • Nathaniel Shaylor10 b. 16 Dec 1677
  • Anna Shaylor11 b. 16 Oct 1683
Marah/2 Spencer, also called Alice in the records, was born circa 1642 at Lynn, Massachusetts.1 She married (1), as his 2nd wife, circa 1662 at Haddam, Connecticut, Thomas/1h Brooks, a blacksmith of Haddam, with whom she had 4 children1,2, and who died at Haddam 18 Oct 1668.3,1,4 There she married (2), 1669, Thomas Shaylor of Haddam, with whom she had 5 children.5,1 11 Apr 1670, administration of the estate of Thomas Brooks was granted to Thomas Shaylor, "the present Husband of the Widow of sd. Brooks." Marah received £32 and one third of the profits of the Land during life, she maintaining and bringing up the Children & teaching the daughters to read and sew and the son to read and write.3 Sister Shaylor is mentioned in the will, circa 1682, of her brother John Spencer.6
     Thomas Shaylor was lost at sea circa 1692.1 Marah died before 22 Dec 1714, when she was unmentioned in the long-delayed disposal of her husband Thomas Shaylor's estate.1

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