Thomas/1e Brooks

M, #38586, (circa 1617 - )
FatherFather Brooks b. s 1580
Last Edited:27 Jan 2016
Tho[mas] Brooke, 18, was enrolled 18 Apr 1635 at London as a passenger for New England on the Susan and Ellen, Edward Payne, master, and, on the 9th of May, enrolled again on the same ship, this time giving his age as 20. In each entry the succeeding name was Richard Brooke, 24, presumed to be his brother.1,2 Both men initially settled at Lynn, Massachusetts.1,3 The passenger of 1635 is probably the Thomas Brooke fined 10s. in Salem court, 27 Sep 1636, 'for being overseen in drink.' The fine was paid by an unnamed master, "who is to be satisfied by Brooke working out of his time."4
     The Great Migration authors conclude, "Nothing can be said about the history of the 1635 passenger beyond the court record of 1636." Richard Brooke is said to have removed to East Hampton, Long Island in 1650, although the Great Migration authors cast doubt upon this claim as well. For a debunking of claims about Thomas Brooke put forward by Pope and others, see TGM, 1634-1635, 1:406-07.4

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