Samuel/5w Fox

M, #49144, (circa 1706 - )
Father*Isaac/4w Fox1,2 b. c 1683
Mother*Mary Jones1,2 b. s 1685
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Descendants of Samuel/3w Fox
Descendants of Isaac/4w Fox
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Children with Mary ?Dodge:

  • Israel/6w Fox1,4 b. circa 1725
  • William/6w Fox1,4 b. say 1727
  • Joel/6w Fox1 b. say 1729
  • Silas/6w Fox1 b. say 1731
  • Samuel/6w Fox1,6 b. circa 1733
  • Asa/6w Fox1,4 b. circa 1738
  • Ezekiel/6w Fox1,7 b. circa 1739
  • Oliver/6w Fox1,4 b. circa 1741
  • Amasa/6w Fox1,4 b. say 1743
  • Naomi/6w Fox1,4 b. say 1745, d. 17 Jul 1828
Samuel/5w Fox was born circa 1706 at Colchester, Connecticut.1,2 William F. Fox says he married, 27 Apr 1724, Mary ?Dodge.1 George H. Fox says, "Married Mary (?Dodge). 34 He was admitted to the church in Millington parish (East Haddam), 12 May 1749. His younger brother Daniel subsequently joined the same church.1
     "The Foxes of East Haddam were all grouped in the same immediate neighborhood, east of Eight Mile River, south of Millington. The place is known to this day [1909] as Foxtown."5
     Soldier in Capt. Edmond Wells's company, 1756, in the French and Indian War.1

Local Notes:

Property14 Sep 1726, Colchester, CTHe bought land in Paugwonk, the southern part of Colchester (now Salem), of Israel Dodge on September 14, 1726, and sold the same to James Harris on August 9, 1729, his wife Mary joining with him in the deed.1,4
Property1752, East Haddam, CT1752 | Bought land in East Haddam.4

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