Capt. James/1 Parker

M, #5725, (circa 1617 - before 12 July 1700)
Father*Father/a Parker b. s 1582
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Descendants of John/2w Brooks
Descendants of Eunice/3w Brooks
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Children with Elizabeth/2 Long:

  • Elizabeth/2 Parker13 b. 12 Mar 1645
  • Anna/2 Parker14 b. 5 Jan 1646/47, d. 14 Jan 1728
  • John/2 Parker15 b. 18 Jan 1648/49
  • Sarah/2 Parker16 b. 29 Aug 1650, d. 15 Oct 1651
  • Josiah/2 Parker17 b. circa Sep 1652
  • Samuel/2 Parker18 b. circa Aug 1656
  • James/2 Parker19 b. 1 Feb 1656/57, d. 27 Jul 1694
  • Joshua/2 Parker20 b. 23 Mar 1658
  • Zachariah/2 Parker21 b. 14 Jan 1659
  • Eleazer/2 Parker22 b. 9 Nov 1661

Child with Eunice/3w Brooks:

PARKER HOUSE — Near by stood a garrison house, residence of Captain James Parker, commander of the town forces in King Philip's War. Here Captain Parker parleyed with the Indian chief John Monoco regarding his threat to burn Groton and Boston, March 13, 1676.
Capt. James/1 Parker, born in England circa 1617 (aged 81 in 1698)1, was a subscriber at Charlestown, 18 Dec 1640, to the first town orders for Woburn, Massachusetts.2 A freeman of the colony, 1644, he was taxed at Woburn in 1645 and 1646.3
     There he married (1), 23 May 1643, Elizabeth/2 Long, daughter of Robert/1 Long and Sarah Taylor, who died before 1690.4,5 Juror, 7 Oct 1651.6 A resident, 1655–60, of Chelmsford, where 4 children were born.7 3 Apr 1655, the court approved James Parker's nomination as sergeant of the Billerica trainband.8 16 Jun 1657, Serjt. James Parker was sworn as constable of Chelmsford.9 He was a trial juror, 25 Jun 165810, "James was a distinguished man and a leader in all public affairs. A sketch of his life and a copy of his will are given in Mr. Butler's History (pages 281–285)."7 Grand juror, 2 Apr 1663.11
     "James Parker's [Groton] house lot lay on both sides of the principal street in the village just south of the small stream which to this day is called, James's Brook, named after him.7 His house was one of the garrisons during King Philip's War and it was with Capt. Parker that the Indian chief, on the night of March 13, 1676 talked, as is mentioned in Hubbard's Narrative.7 In the assault made on the town, July 27, 1694, his son James Parker and his wife, Mary, were killed by the Indians, and several of their children carried away as captives. Another son, Josiah, who was a captain and served in the war against the Indians was in command at Groton on July 21, 1706 when Nathaniel Healy of Newton, one of his company, was 'waylaid' and slain together with Ebenezer Seger of Newton, 'as they were going to Meeting on the Sabbath day.' A brother of Seger's was taken captive at the same time."7
     James Parker married (2), after 1694, Eunice/3w Brooks, daughter of John/2w Brooks and Eunice/2 Mousall, and widow of Rev. Samuel/2 Carter.12,7 He died before 12 Jul 1700, the date of his inventory.1

Local Notes:

Propertysay 1660, Groton, MA"James Parker and Joseph Parker, prob. brothers, were original proprietors, the first named owning a fifty acre right and the other a twenty acre right.7

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