Thomas/a Brooke

M, #58701, (say 1565 - )
Father*Richard/b Brooke1 b. c 1540
Mother-Candidate*Dorothy (–?–)1 b. s 1543
Appears on charts:Relationship of Henry/1 and Thomas/1 Brooks
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Children with an unknown spouse/person:

Manchester Cathedral, in whose churchyard Thomas Brooke Sr. and his daughter Anne are buried. Courtesy John Brooks Threlfall.
Thomas/a Brooke, apparently the eldest surviving son, was probably born in Manchester, Lancashire, perhaps about 1565.2 In his father's will, dated 5 Aug 1607, Thomas was to share with brothers Robert and William one third of the estate; received a cash legacy of £10; was to have the leased house and shop should the widow remarry; and was named co-executor with the widow (who may or may not have been his birth mother). An additional bequest in the will names Thomas's four living children.1
     Thomas Brooke of Manchester, a shoemaker like his father, was buried 13 Oct 1617.3
     The registers of the city's cathedral contain two mentions of a wife of Thomas Bruck(e) during relevant years. In the first, one Katheryn wife of Thomas Bruck was buried there 7 Aug 1609. This date is late enough that Katheryn could be the mother of some or all of Thomas's children.4
     The second mention is the wedding, 20 Jan 1607/8, of Thomas Brucke and Anne Cheetam. Because this date precedes the burial date of Katheryn Bruck, this marriage may belong to a different Thomas Bruck.5

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Richard/b Brooke

M, #58702, (circa 1540 - )
Mother*Elizabeth (–?–)1 b. s 1518
Appears on charts:Relationship of Henry/1 and Thomas/1 Brooks
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Children with Dorothy (–?–):

Manchester, England, and environs, about 1650. A pictograph represents Manchester Cathedral in the blank space in the center of the map adjacent to the river. Courtesy John Brooks Threlfall.
Richard/b Brooke, a shoemaker of Manchester, Lancashire, probably born circa 15401, left a wife named Dorothy, who may or may not have been the mother of his children.1
     The will of Richard Brooke of Manchester, shoemaker, dated 5 Aug 1607, and signed by mark, left one third of his estate to Dorothy now my wife, and one third to sons Thomas, Robert and William. Of the last third, he left John Brooks son of my late son John Brooke late deceased 13s. 4d., to Richard Brooke brother of the said John £6 toward his bringing up until age 12 years, and to Henry Brooke son of John Brooke 5s. Also, to Elizabeth Brooke my mother 20s., 6s. 8d. to be distributed by my executors upon twenty of the poorest householders in Manchester, to Thomas Brooke my son £10, to Dorothy Brooke my wife £3-6-8, to William Brooke my son £5, to Robert Brooke my son 33s. 4d., and to Richard Brooke, Thomas Brooke, Margaret Brooke and Elizabeth Brooke my grandchildren sons and daughters of Thomas Brooke 13s. 4d. equally to be divided among them. To John Winne of Stockport 6s. 8d., to John Greadley 5s. 8d., and the residue of the estate to be divided equally between mother Elizabeth Brooke, wife Dorothy, and sons Robert and William. Whereas Richard Brooke had leased of Robert Berke, gentleman, one dwelling house and shop with appurtenances for the term of 21 years, "wherein twenty years or thereabouts are yet to come," he left Dorothy the house and shop while she remained a widow, devising them to his son Thomas should she remarry. Executors were to be wife Dorothy and son Thomas; overseers, loving friends George Traves of the Yealdhouse and William Kenyon of Manchester. A list of "Debts owing unto me the testator" included "Thomas Brooke my son £5. 12s. 6d."1
     Richard Brucke, howsehoulder of Manchester, was buried 1 Nov 1607 at Manchester Cathedral.

     • The will of Richard Brooke (314k).
     • The inventory of Richard Brooke (228k).

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