Dan/4s Brooks

M, #61323, (circa 1763 - circa 1855)
Father-Candidate*Aaron/3s Brooks1 b. 17 Oct 1717
Mother-Candidate*Hannah (–?–)1 b. s 1725
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Children with Mary "Polly" Presson:

  • Jehiel/5s Brooks10 b. 3 Jun 1784, d. circa 1872
  • Bartemus/5s Brooks2,11 b. 20 Nov 1786, d. 2 Jul 1875
  • Mary/5s Brooks12 b. 30 Nov 1788
  • Dan/5s Brooks13,9 b. say 1790
  • Dau1/5s Brooks13 b. say 1792
  • George/5s Brooks13 b. say 1794
  • Hiram/5s Brooks9 b. say 1794, d. 2 Jun 1881
  • Dau2/5s Brooks13 b. say 1796
  • Alva/5s Brooks14 b. circa 1801
Dan/4s Brooks, born in Vermont circa 17632, was a Dummerston resident when he served as a Revolutionary soldier, 1782, in Capt. Duncan's company.3 He married, 6 Aug 1783 at Dummerston, Mary "Polly" Presson.4
     24 land transactions with at least one Brooks party are found in Dummerston town records between 1774 and 1801. Many of these are Brooks-Brooks transactions between Aaron Sr., Aaron Jr. and Dan Brooks, representing a father and his two sons. (Two others involve an Ebenezer Brooks, relationship if any unknown.) Among the father/son cohort, 20 of 22 transactions involved the same lots (or portions of), 4, 21 and 22.
     These sales were structured to allow the sons to "buy out" their father's land while he lived, in exchange for sustinence, medical and life care for the parents until their deaths. An "instrument" which specified Aaron Jr.'s obligations in this regard is lost, but Dan's obligations were written into a 1799 deed from his father.
… and it is the true intent and meaning of the parties to this Deed, That the said Dan Brooks his heirs and assigns shall provide the said Aaron Brooks and Hannah his wife during their lives, yearly two hundred weight of pork well salted, a sufficiency of good Wheat Flower by itself for them to use as they please[,] also to keep a Cow for the said Aaron and Hannah Brooks, and provide for them twenty pounds of good Flax, and to provide them a sufficiency the necessaries to make their lives comfortable — and in sickness to provide suitable Nursing Physical and Surgical Assistance ….5

     In 1800 Dan Brooks headed the sole Brooks household at Dummerston. The male and female each over 45 included in his census enumeration would have been his parents.6
     Polly is believed to have died circa 1825 at Keene, New York.7
     Dan Brooks went with his son Bartemus from Newfield, Tompkins, New York to Lorain County, Ohio, in 1835.2,8,9 There he was recorded (a. 87, farmer, b. VT) in Bart's household at Eaton in 1850.2 He is believed to have died at Elyria circa 1855.7

Local Notes:

Property9 Jan 1787, Dummerston, VTBook 1B, p. 233
Grantor Aaron Brooks of Dummerston
Grantee Dan Brooks, yeoman
Witnesses Charles Davenport Jr, Benja Alvord
Consideration £12, as well as additional conditions | North half of one-fourth of Lot 4, about 12½ acres1
Property9 Jan 1787, Dummerston, VTBook 1B, p. 235
Grantor Aaron Brook of Dummerston, yeoman
Grantee Dan Brook, yeoman
Witnesses Charles Davenport Jr, Benja Alvord
Consideration £15 | Parts of Lot 21 and 22.1
Property15 Mar 1789, Dummerston, VTBook 1B, p. 392
Grantor J. William Boyden of Dummerston, gentleman
Grantee Dan Brook of Dummerston, yeoman
Witnesses John Wyman, Isaac Miller
Consideration £19 | Part of Lot 10 "or the Square Lot so called," 4¾ acres1
Property7 May 1790, Dummerston, VTBook 1B, p. 439
Grantor Dan Brook of Dummerston, yeoman
Grantee "my honored father Aaron Brook of Dummerston aforesaid Yeoman"
Witnesses Jason Duncan, Pal Higgins
Consideration £27 | Part of Lot 4, north half of one-fourth, 12½ acres. Also, part of Lot 21 and Lot 22.1
Property22 May 1791, Dummerston, VTBook 1B, p. 455
Grantor Dan Brooks of Dummerston
Grantee Charles Davenport Junr of Dummerston
Witnesses Charles Davenport, Susannah Davenport
Consideration £16 | Part of Lot 10, 5 acres1
Property26 Aug 1799, Dummerston, VTBook 3, p. 260
Grantor Aaron Brooks of Dummerston, yeoman
Grantee Dan Brooks
Witnesses John S Gater, Jason Duncan
Consideration $500 as well as additional conditions. | 70 acres in Lot 4, also part of Lot 22, 20 acres1
Property27 Nov 1800, Dummerston, VTBook 3, p. 331
Grantor Dan Brooks
Grantee Aaron Brooks Junr
Witnesses Charles Davenport Jr, Wm. Miller
Consideration $80 | Quitclaim of "all right, title, claim or Demand which I hold or pretend to hold by virtue of any Deed or Deeds which I now have or ever had given to me, by my Honored Father of any of his lands in the Town of Dummerston"1
Property10 Mar 1801, Dummerston, VTBook 3, p. 379
Grantor Dan Brooks of Dummerston, yeoman
Grantee William Miller of Dummerston, gentleman
Witnesses Charles Davenport Jr, Lydia Davenport
Consideration $60 | Part of Lot 4, 5 acres1

Census Detail:

1800Dummerston, VTMALES: Three under 10
Two 10-15 (Bartemus + ???)
One 26-44 (Dan Sr.)
One 45+ (Aaron Sr.)
FEMALES: Two under 10
One 10-15 (Mary)
One 26-44 (Polly?)
One 45+ (Hannah)6
24 Aug 1850Eaton, OH488 | 498 | Bartemus Brooks | 63 | M | Farmer | 1200 | VT
Elizabeth Brooks | 40 | F | NJ
Alonso E | 18 | M | Labour | NY
Alvah | 16 | M | Labour | NY | Attended school
William [H] | 14 | M | OH | Attended school
George | 11 | M | OH | Attended school
Electa | 4 | F | OH
Dan | 1 | M | OH
Dan | 87 | M | Farmer | VT2

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