as originally conceived as a genealogical-historical print publication on the Brooks Families of New England. A first issue was researched, designed, written and typeset to high standards of scholarship, content and readability. In December 1997, 200 copies were printed of  Issue 1:1, the sole issue produced. (A handful of subsequent digital copies were mistakenly numbered 1:2 on the masthead but are otherwise identical to the original.) 
1:1 was later extensively revised with corrections, cleaner typography, old style numerals for dates, and new and updated research. The revised version, which contains among other things a two-page biography of Rev. Phillips Brooks, is yours to download.

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Since then, the internet's development, and the release of Second Site, a web-building program for users of TMG (The Master Genealogist), have multiplied the advantages of web-based genealogical publishing over the labor-intensive, print distribution of 20 years ago. Speed, efficiency and economy of cost in both money and time now make it possible to digitally publish small increments as often as daily. The print publication Tributaries has therefore been given a dignified funeral, and replaced as a research product by this website and by Y-DNA testing of Brooks males begun in 2006.

A genealogy of the descendants of Capt. Thomas/1 Brooks (what I call the "Concord line") is in preparation, but the completion horizon continues to recede as I pursue it. It will be published in the form of an HTML web (like the site you're visiting at the moment), and distributed via DVD.