The Brooks/New England Mailing List

BROOKS-NE-L is an internet mailing list ("listserv") connecting researchers and descendants of the Brooks families of New England, hosted by Rootsweb, the internet's original free genealogy cooperative (now owned by More than 150 subscribers use the BROOKS-NE list as a forum to share research, tips, questions and leads concerning descendants of 15 Brooks emigrant progenitors known to have been in New England by 1700.

Unlike a BOARD, which you must continually revisit to monitor replies and new messages, a LIST immediately forwards to each subscriber any new message posted by any other subscriber — in the form of either individual postings (in "list" or "L" mode) or a single daily digest of multiple messages (in "D" mode). You must subscribe in order to query or post, but you may subscribe, unsubscribe, and/or resubscribe at any time, as often as you like. It's free, it's easy, and it's productive; the only obligation is civility to fellow subscribers. Message traffic is moderated and relatively light; your mailbox will not be flooded with chitchat and flames as with other lists and forums.

Since its launch in March, 1999, the list has accumulated a rich body of information. Non-subscribers are welcome to look through our message archive — BROWSE it chronologically or SEARCH by subject (any keyword), date or contributor's name. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how focused and productive a surname mailing list can be.

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